Mr Brainwash - Investing in Bitcoin image
Mr Brainwash - Investing in Bitcoin

The new collection from Mr Brainwash is a present day tribute to Andy Warhol using an unexpected piece of source material – the cryptocurrency symbol for bitcoin. This increasingly ubiquitous image has been in the headlines many times over the years and on frequent occasions it has been criticised by Jordan Belfort, AKA the Wolf of Wall Street, who said it had been used to brainwash investors!  All cultural images and controversies are of interest to Mr Brainwash whose work consistently reinterprets the worlds of both high art and popular culture for his own artistic, or sometimes mischievous, purposes. These bold and dynamic images encourage us to view the digital age through a different lens, and to acknowledge that in the presence of Mr Brainwash, art is everywhere – there are no rules! 

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